Award Ceremony Info

Please make note, if you end up participating in the championship match on Sunday for your age group / bracket.

One coach from each team that participated in the championship match should come to the Tournament HQ Tent to collect their teams respective medals and trophy. After the coach receives their medals and team trophy they can meet their teams individually at an area they have designated with their team around the complex.

We will have numerous finals going on simultaneously and have many teams participating in the tournament that are 1.5 to 2.5 hours away from their homes. At times after a long, great and fun weekend of soccer they will need to leave quickly. We want to guarantee everyone has the opportunity to create their own unique environment for celebrating their teams and players accomplishments after a great weekend. Each coach will conduct their own awards presentation with their teams that fit their needs.

After each final there will be one field available for your to take team and individual pictures with a goal.