COVID Safety Protocols

COVID – 19 Safety Protocols

These protocols will be in affect at each of the locations the tournament is being hosted.  Please read this information closely and work together to keep everyone safe.  Tournament staff has considered the guidelines set forth by the CDC to make decision we feel are feasible for our environment.  Please understand that even with these precautions in place there is still an inherent risk associated with participation.

Coaches and Team Managers: Please share this important information with your team’s parents and players.

Tournament/Player Protocols

· Only one person is to attend tournament check in (Coach or team manager)

· Warmups are only allowed to start 20 minutes prior to kickoff

· Referees will confirm final scores and both coaches will sign with their own pen. Referees will deliver game reports

· Hand Contact between teams is prohibited (i.e. post-game handshake, “high fives”, etc.)

· It is recommended that coaches wear face coverings when not actively maintaining social distance requirements for the players based on state and local health requirements

· The home team will provide a cleaned (sanitized) game ball to the referee

· Exiting teams should clear the playing field promptly when the match ends. Do not congregate at the complex with your team

· Setting up tents and or large umbrellas around the complex is prohibited, unless it is to cover the team bench area

· Entering teams will wait for exiting teams to COMPLETELY clear the bench area before approaching

· No trophy ceremony will be conducted after championship games. Only one person (coach or team manager) will pick up trophy and medals

· Anyone who becomes ill during the event is asked to leave the venue immediately and report all occurrences to the team manager

· All Players and coaches will sign a liability waiver of consent to play during the COVID-19 pandemic before being allowed to participate

Spectators/Parent Protocols

· Spectators are allowed on the sidelines 5 minutes prior to kickoff

· Spectators are not permitted to sit on benches and or stands at any venue

· Spectators are asked to observe social distancing of 6ft on the sideline and sit a minimum of six feet from the field of play

· Spectators are asked to exit the sidelines quickly after their child’s game is finished so the next parent group can come out. We ask that the next parent group wait until the sideline is clear prior to exiting your vehicles to avoid large crowds forming

· Spectators CANNOT enter the team area for any reason

· Anyone who is sick, or experience symptoms related to COVID-19 should stay at home

· Anyone who becomes ill during the tournament is asked to leave immediately and report all occurrences to the team manager

· Do not congregate after your game has completed. Please exit the complex promptly

· Spectators are encouraged to wear a mask while at the facility

· Please adhere to all CDC and social distancing guidelines

Tournament/Site HQ Policy

· No one will be allowed to stand/congregate at tournament headquarters or pavilions. In case of rain or inclement weather, spectator and participates should leave the park and go to a safe place. Anyone that congregates at the pavilion or club house area will be asked to leave. We will contact you via the contacts listed in your GotSoccer application.

· No player, coach, or spectator should violate social distancing guidelines with a referee at any time